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Britain’s cosmopolitan future: challenges and opportunities

Britain’s cosmopolitan future: challenges and opportunities

The Economist's Jeremy Cliffe asks how mainstream parties can respond to the Ukip threat at a time when long-term attitudinal and demographic trends point in a more cosmopolitan direction

Sharing in the Success of the Digital Economy

Sharing in the Success of the Digital Economy

Robert D. Atkinson, Michael McTernan & Alastair Reed

Policy Network's new pamphlet making the political case for the progressive power of innovation

Progressive Capitalism in Britain

Progressive Capitalism in Britain

Patrick Diamond, Tony Dolphin & Roger Liddle
New pamphlet on progressive capitalism and inclusive prosperity, published in collaboration with IPPR

Working for women, parents and growth

Working for women, parents and growth

How can we break down barriers to women’s participation in the post-crisis labour market?

Mission-Oriented Finance for Innovation

Mission-Oriented Finance for Innovation

Mariana Mazzucato & Caetano C. R. Penna
New pamphlet asking what kinds of visionary fiscal policies are needed to help promote 'smart' innovation-led, inclusive and sustainable growth?

  • Germany - State of the Left

    Nudging hits Berlin

    Hanno Burmester, Philipp Sälhoff and Marie Wachinger

    Despite suspicion, the nudge theory may have a place in the process of party reform

  • State of the Left - Denmark

    Back on the rise?

    Kristian Weise

    Having doggedly pursued a tough programme of reform, Denmark's Social Democrats are now recovering in the polls

  • State of the Left - United Kingdom

    Full of sound and fury

    Hopi Sen

    The main parties have not done much to reach out to new supporters in this campaign. That explains the likely stalemate

  • State of the Left - Hungary

    Behind the facade

    Erin Marie Saltman

    Jobbik’s rebrand is bringing electoral success, but its true nature isn’t hard to track down



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