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Growth, reform and public trust in Europe

Growth, reform and public trust in Europe

Policy Network's major annual event on the state of EU affairs – 5 March 2015

The challenge of accelerating UK housebuilding

The challenge of accelerating UK housebuilding

Thomas Aubrey's new paper argues Britain’s housing crisis results from the failure of politicians to ensure that markets work in the public interest rather than to the benefit of the unproductive few

The Risk of Brexit: Britain and Europe in 2015

The Risk of Brexit: Britain and Europe in 2015

Roger Liddle's new book poses a series of questions about how the debate on the future of Britain's EU membership will unfold over the course of the coming months and years

The challenge of the populist right

The challenge of the populist right

It is the populist right that has reaped most of the electoral rewards in Europe in the aftermath of the Great Recession. What challenges is it posing?

Progressive Capitalism

Progressive Capitalism

Debate on how Britain and other industrialised countries can build strong, sustainable and inclusive economies for the future.

  • State of the Left - United Kingdom

    Labour must be a party of reformers and insurgents to win in May

    Hopi Sen

    Not responding to the threat of the ‘outsider’ parties will only see Labour's voter base eroded from all directions

  • EU reform • Eurozone • ECB

    Europe’s crisis is constitutional

    Andrew Duff

    Trapped in a limbo between a confederal and federal system, the EU is sacrificing democratic legitimacy and effectiveness

  • State of the Left - Greece

    Now for the hard part

    Yannis Palaiologos

    The European centre left can help Syriza deliver some of its promises, but Alexis Tsipras will have to show a pragmatic approach

  • Populism • Sweden • Far right

    The Sweden Democrats: Ostracised and energised?

    Nicholas Aylott

    Sweden’s mainstream parties have tightened the cordon sanitaire around the country’s populist right party.



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