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  • State of the Left • Ireland
    Maeve Glavey - 23 March 2017
    Despite turmoil for the governing party it is difficult to see how the centre left in Ireland can take advantage
  • State of the Left • United States
    Sarah Jane Glynn - 23 March 2017
    Objectionable policy announcements are coming at such a thick and fast pace that it is difficult to keep up
  • State of the Left • United Kingdom
    Charlie Cadywould - 23 March 2017

    The main opposition’s dismal poll ratings are an indictment of its leadership but do not yet signal an inevitable decline

  • State of the Left • New Zealand
    Josie Pagani - 23 March 2017
    Progressives must make a modern global economy deliver for working people
  • State of the Left • Netherlands
    Dina Pardijs - 23 March 2017
    Though the far right performed below expectations, it is an overstatement to say the Dutch managed to build an anti-populist dyke
  • State of the Left • Greece
    Yannis Palaiologos - 23 March 2017
    Even with the government struggling in the polls an early election could prove a headache for the centre left in Greece
  • Challenging populism
    Peter Mandelson - 21 March 2017
    Now is the time for mainstream politicians to stand up against the nostalgists, not by defending the present but by offering a clearer, more convincing belief in the future
  • Dutch election
    Wouter Bos - 21 March 2017

    Geert Wilders may have performed poorly in the face of high expectations but his rightwing Freedom party was not the only populist actor

  • Dutch election
    Brendan Howlin - 20 March 2017
    The leader of Irish Labour recalls the parallels between the Dutch election and the result his own party faced a year ago
  • Brexit
    Roger Liddle - 09 March 2017
    Brexit will have massive untold consequences for the UK economy and the country's position in the world

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