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  • US election
    Jason Boxt - 17 November 2016

    Pollsters will spend weeks trying to assess where they went wrong on election day, but there are other questions we should be asking

  • US election
    James Morris - 17 November 2016
    Just as UK Labour should have, the US Democrats should must conduct a proper analysis of why they lost
  • Brexit
    Roger Liddle - 15 November 2016

    Labour’s bottom lines on the invocation of Article 50 must expose the rank populism of the Tories' approach

  • State of the Left • New Zealand
    Josie Pagani - 21 October 2016
    Recent polling exposes the New Zealand Labour party’s strategy of pursuing a potential pact with other leftwing parties as fatally flawed
  • State of the Left • France
    Jocelyn Evans and Gilles Ivaldi - 20 October 2016

    The French left’s apparent inability to mount a credible challenge in next year’s presidential race may have repercussions far beyond the election itself

  • State of the Left • Netherlands
    Bart van Bruggen - 20 October 2016

    The PvdA has six weeks to choose its leader before facing the country in next year’s general election

  • State of the Left • Austria
    Gerhard Marchl - 20 October 2016
    Elevating the issue of the Canadian-European trade deal may prove to have been a mistake for Austria’s Socialist party
  • State of the Left • Spain
    Elisa Díaz and Marta Romero - 20 October 2016

    With infighting now rife among those on the Spanish left, the formation of a minority conservative government looks increasingly likely

  • State of the Left • US
    Claire O'Connor - 20 October 2016
    Donald Trump’s race for the White House may be in peril, but so too is a fundamental pillar of American democracy
  • State of the Left • Italy
    Mattia Guidi - 20 October 2016

    As the world awaits the outcome of Italy’s referendum on constitutional reform, the prime minister’s personal fate could also be hanging in the balance

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