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  • Populism • Work • Economy
    Florian Ranft - 22 July 2016
    How must progressives respond to work feeling increasingly insecure?
  • Populism • Work • Economy
    Johnny Runge - 22 July 2016
    Are the Danish Social Democrats losing their ‘worker party’ status at the expense of radical-right populists?
  • Europe • Social Policy • Divergence
    Daniel Devine - 15 July 2016
    How are public agendas shifting within the EU and what are the implications for policymakers?
  • Migration
    Maeve Glavey - 08 July 2016

    How can the moderate mainstream regain its voice on immigration after the EU referendum?

  • State of the Left - Australia
    Richard Angell - 07 July 2016
    How did Australia's Labor leader achieve a late surge in the face of a hostile media?
  • State of the Left - Spain
    Luis Fernando Medina Sierra - 07 July 2016
    With last month’s repeat elections producing an almost identical outcome, many are asking why the populist left coalition failed to deliver
  • State of the Left - Poland
    Jędrzej Włodarczyk - 07 July 2016
    While Poland’s political landscape remains intensely challenging, a fresh force on the left could be in with a shot
  • State of the Left - Germany
    Michael Miebach - 07 July 2016

    The German SPD must be cautious not to over promise and under deliver in its response to Britain’s exit from the EU

  • State of the Left - France
    Jocelyn Evans and Gilles Ivaldi - 07 July 2016
    The decision by France’s Socialists to hold a presidential primary may represent a U-turn, but it is a strategic move on the part of François Hollande
  • State of the Left - Austria
    Gerhard Marchl - 07 July 2016
    Ahead of the re-run of Austria's presidential election there are alarming similarities to the UK’s pre-Brexit political landscape

The Policy Network Observatory promotes critical debate and reflection on progressive politics. It is centre-left orientated but determinedly challenges social democracy. It is pro-European but restlessly questions EU institutions and practices.

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