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Progressive Capitalism

Debate on how Britain and other industrialised countries can build strong, sustainable and inclusive economies for the future.
  • Corporate Governance • Boards
    Dina Medland - 01 July 2015
    Companies face a host of new challenges. Is the composition of their boards adapting fast enough to meet them?
  • Corporate Governance • Shareholders
    Con Keating - 01 July 2015
    Engaged shareholders are seen as key to better corporate governance but are they the best people to ensure companies’ long-term interests?
  • Corporate Governance • Pensions
    Thomas Aubrey - 01 July 2015
    Scaling-up pensions schemes would not just increase savers’ retirement incomes, it could have a significant impact on corporate governance and lead to better long-term returns
  • Innovation • Economy • Europe
    Paul Hofheinz - 02 April 2015
    Any ‘economic growth’ strategy which ignores the all-important strand of promoting, encouraging and developing innovation is doomed to fail
  • Economy • Productivity • Europe
    Robert D Atkinson - 01 April 2015
    Higher EU-wide productivity is needed to enable the progressive goal of opportunity for all
  • Finance • Economy • Recession
    Adair Turner - 30 March 2015
    How do we stop the financial system from occasionally blowing up the world and producing – as it has post 2007/8 – a severe post-crisis recession?
  • Economy • Innovation • Growth
    Andrew Haldane - 17 March 2015
    How can we deter short-termism in finance and facilitate a better environment for the 'patient capital' needed for growth?
  • Capitalism • Prosperity • Equality
    Neera Tanden - 06 March 2015
    How do we create a stronger, fairer and more sustainable economic model where everyone benefits from rising prosperity?
  • Innovation • Economy • Technology
    David Connell - 12 February 2015
    There is a need to boost the ‘demand pull’ for innovation to complement the existing ‘technology push’ from research
  • Housing • Britain • Land Market
    Toby Lloyd - 08 January 2015
    Neither planning reform nor public spending alone can solve Britain’s housing crisis. Past policy and international experience point the way forward

The Policy Network Observatory promotes critical debate and reflection on progressive politics. It is centre-left orientated but determinedly challenges social democracy. It is pro-European but restlessly questions EU institutions and practices.

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