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Thomas Aubrey

Senior Adviser

Thomas is a senior adviser at Policy Network and chief executive and founder of Credit Capital Advisory. He previously ran credit and economic analytics businesses serving as the managing director of Fitch Solutions and Thomson Datastream. Prior to this he worked as a management consultant turning around failing businesses in Asia, North America and Europe. He has written widely on financial and economic issues including Profiting from Monetary Policy (Palgrave 2012) and co-authored  Prediction Markets: The end of the regulatory state? (2007) with Professor Frank Vibert. Other areas of research  have included nonfinancial risks undertaken jointly with the World Economic Forum as well as liquidity, operational and systemic risk.
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Bart van Bruggen

Communications Intern

Bart is communications intern. He holds a BSc in Political Science from the University of Amsterdam and is currently doing an MSc in Inequalities and Social Science at the London School of Economics and Political Science. Before, Bart was national chair of Young Labour in the Netherlands and campaign officer for the Dutch Labour Party in the 2012 general election.
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Charlie Cadywould


Charlie leads Policy Network’s work on the future of the left. Prior to joining Policy Network, he authored numerous reports on social and economic policy, as well as various analyses of public opinion and voting behaviour. Charlie holds a BA in Social and Political Sciences from the University of Cambridge and an MSc in Public Policy from University College London. He has written leaders for the Times, and has also been published in the Spectator, New Stateman, City AM and Evening Standard.

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Patrick Diamond

Co-Chair and Research Director

Patrick is co-chair. He is lecturer in Public Policy at Queen Mary, University of London, Gwilym Gibbon fellow at Nuffield College, Oxford, and a visiting fellow in the Department of Politics at the University of Oxford. He is the former head of policy planning in 10 Downing Street and senior policy adviser to the prime minister. Patrick has spent ten years as a special adviser in various roles at the heart of British government, including 10 Downing Street, the Cabinet Office, the Northern Ireland Office. His recent publications include: His recent publications include: Can Labour Win? The Hard Road to Power (with Giles Radice, 2015); The Predistribution Agenda: Tackling Inequality and Supporting Sustainable Growth (with Claudia Chwalisz, 2015); Governing Britain: Power, Politics and the Prime Minister (2013);
After the Third Way (with Olaf Cramme, 2012); Beyond New Labour (with Roger Liddle, 2009); Social Justice in the Global Age (with Olaf Cramme, 2009); and Global Europe, Social Europe (with Anthony Giddens, 2006).
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Ben Dilks

Commissioning Editor

Ben is commissioning editor and coordinates Policy Network’s programme of publications. He edits the Observatory and the State of the Left bulletin and also oversees Policy Network’s media strategy. Previously Ben worked for Progress magazine. He has also worked freelance for the Press Association and a range of other outlets.
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Maeve Glavey

Policy Researcher

Maeve Glavey is a Researcher at Policy Network. She coordinates the Barrow Cadbury Trust research project on migration, exploring the reaction of mainstream political parties, governments in Western Europe and populist movements to current migration trends. Prior to joining Policy Network she worked on a range of migration and human rights issues in the US, Europe and Africa. Maeve holds a BA in Business, Economic and Social Studies from Trinity College Dublin and an MSc in Global Politics from the London School of Economics. 
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Matthew Laza


Matthew Laza is an experienced broadcast journalist who spent more than a dozen years as a senior BBC current affairs programme maker before becoming a senior adviser to the UK Leader of the Opposition in the run up to the 2015 election. Before entering television he led the main Labour Party pro-European organisation, campaigning for Britain's leading role in Europe.
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Josh Newlove

Project Manager

Josh is project manager for events and research. He holds a BSc in Social Policy from the London School of Economics, and was a Labour councillor in the East Riding of Yorkshire between 2011-15. He has previous experience in public affairs, as well as working for centrist Labour group Progress.


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Andy Norman


Andy is a skills and corporate governance analyst. He holds an MSc in Development Economics from the School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London and a BSc in Economics from Loughborough University. Andy has previous experience in a UK based international think tank and non-profit organisations in Tanzania and India.
German, Spanish
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Florian Ranft

Senior Policy Researcher and Adviser

Florian leads Policy Network’s work on European public policy, with a focus on structural change, political economy and social justice. He holds a diploma and PhD in politics from the University of Potsdam and the University of Greifswald, respectively. Previously, he has lectured and researched in international politics at a number of top-tier universities, research institutes and international organisations in Europe, America and Africa. Florian comments on German and UK politics and is the chief organiser for a German version of Question Time.

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Katherine Roberts

Head of Finance and Operations

Katherine is head of finance and operations. She holds an MSc from the School of Public Policy, University College London and a BA in international political economy from University of California, Berkeley. She is currently completing an MBA from Warwick Business School
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Daniel Sage

Research Associate

Daniel is a researcher on the Policy Network and Foundation for European Progressive Studies (FEPS) project on the Social State of Europe. He is also a doctoral researcher at the University of Stirling. His main research interests are in unemployment, wellbeing, labour market policies, social attitudes to the welfare state and the politics of welfare reform. His research has been published in a range of academic journals, including the International Journal of Sociology and Social Policy and the Journal of Happiness Studies. Daniel holds an MSc in Social Policy from the London School of Economics and a BA in History from University College London.
French, German
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Renaud Thillaye

Research Associate

Renaud is a research associate. He worked at Policy Network for four and half years (2012-2016), first as researcher, then as deputy director. He was principal researcher for Policy Network’s contribution to the EU research consortium (FP7) WWWforEurope. An expert in EU affairs, Renaud has written extensively on EU institutional questions, the eurozone’s socioeconomic governance, and the future of the EU budget. He comments regularly on French, British and EU politics in the media. He is a graduate of the London School of Economics’ European Institute and Sciences Po Paris.